Unfortunately, a lot of business owners and digital agencies fail each other in this regard and it needs to stop. The marketer just wants the money and the client just wants the marketing. And within 6 months, the contract ends with a bitter exchange of words. Why does this happen?

How many digital agencies out there offer ONLY SEO, ONLY social media marketing, ONLY PPC, ONLY direct mail, ONLY telemarketing, ONLY email marketing and so on? Too many to count. And I’ll tell you now, many of them are probably the best in the business, but they are still failing you.

Here’s the part business owners need to understand. We don’t want you to pay us for marketing until we know how well your website and business is performing. We need to know how well it is converting from visitors into buyers. We need to know that the traffic coming to your website isn’t just jumping off immediately.

This is a critical step many marketing and advertising companies are skipping because they don’t know how to help you with this problem (or they don’t realize it is a problem). This number one problem is called CONVERSIONS  – the ability to convert visitors into customers. Period.

Learning about bounce rates.

A “bounce rate” is determined by the percentage of people who land on your website and leaves your website from that same page without looking at any other pages. It means they landed on a page that did not relate to what they were looking for. It’s like looking for the bathroom and you walked into the kitchen.

If your website has a 90% bounce rate, that means out of 100 visitors, you really only had 10 possible prospects. Of the 10 prospects that stayed on your website, you need a 10% conversion just to get 1 customer. So in reality, if you are able to get 1 customer out of that, your conversion is only 1% (1 customer out of 100 visitors to your website).

Those are your metrics for 1 customer. So to obtain 30 customers each month, you need 3,000 visitors every month. And if you’re pushing for an SEO campaign to hit that number, it could be over a year before you see something like that depending on your industry.

More customers without marketing.

While in theory, if you simply add more visitors to your website regardless of conversion percentages, you’ll make more sales. While that’s true, you’re actually selling yourself short and wasting a lot of money. If you simply improved your website and ensure that it is keeping as much of the visitors on your website and converting them as best as possible, NOT paying for traffic will make you more money and save you money.

Let’s say you already get 50 visitors a day or 1,500 visitors a month. What if your bounce rate was only 50%? That would mean you are getting 25 prospects and at a 10% conversion, you get at least 2 customers per day. Overall, it’s actually a 2.5% conversion. In 30 days, that would be equivalent to 75 new customers.

I don’t know what kind of business you run, but if you could double your customer base with ZERO expense on marketing, would you do it?

Some businesses might not even be able to handle that many customers, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that you don’t HAVE to do any marketing if your website is converting that well with your existing traffic?

That’s why we can’t accept your money.

We cannot accept your money or your marketing campaign without first understanding your business, your goals, your objectives and ensuring that your existing website and business is converting. Once we establish that, then we are more than happy to charge you for marketing campaigns. It would be a pleasure, because we’ll know that every visitor we send you has a VERY high probability of becoming a customer.

We do this out of greed. A greed for your success and satisfaction.

If what we say makes sense, please contact us so we may review your website and current business process to discuss how we can ensure your website is converting well. After that, if marketing is required, we can help you with SEO, PPC, social media, email, video and so on.

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