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Outsourcing Wizards is a white-labeled (branded-under-you), outsourcing company that can perform website designs, custom development,
  • blog integrations
  • ecommerce dev
  • mobile websites
  • mobile apps
  • social media
  • SEO & PPC
  • reputation
  • video creation
  • webmaster services
  • hosting
and even customer & technical support.

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Key Features

Management Portal

You will have access to the same project management portal that took us 3 years and $200,000 to develop. It  handles all of our managers, staff, projects, clients, invoices, files, payroll, contracts and more.

Private Branding

On top of having your own project management portal to handle everything, we also allow you to brand it to your own company name. You can even have the portal load from your very own URL.

Pay By The Project

You can add as many projects as you want. You can add 100 new projects every single month and you wouldn’t be charged an extra penny. You only pay when the client from that project pays you. Simple.

Sales Management

Through our outsourcing services, you can use our sales team to bring in new clients, but you can also hire and manage your own sales team with our automatic commission system. Brilliant!

All Things Web

No matter what kind of project you have, if it has anything to do with the web, we’ve got you covered. That includes mobile app development, website design/graphics, plugin development, API integrations, etc.

Quote Consultation

When you become one of our resellers and don’t know what to offer to your clients, we will provide free consultation on quoting the project and suggest what services are most suitable for your clients.

It’s down to the wire. Completing your client’s project is simply no where in sight. Heck, your usual staff or freelancer is either MIA or isn’t available, since they’re stuck on another urgent project that needed to be done yesterday! Look, stop sweating it!

If you’re tired of not seeing your SEO/design/marketing/development company thrive and more than fed up with the delays, then it’s time to turn a new leaf.

Day Care Center
Client Drop-Off
Our Corporate Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Project Managers, support/technical representatives and service workers all come together to manage your projects, send reports, post responses, provide solutions and complete the project under one roof USING YOUR BRANDING.

The moment you use our project management system and see how our outsourcing services work, you’ll just melt away in our arms. This is your new Client Day Care Center.

Here’s what happens: You’ll drop them off at the corner, we come out and walk them in, we cater to them, feed them, give them things to do (we even change their diapers for you). You can remotely view what we’re doing and saying to them. You can even step in once in a while to say hello or let your presence be known, just because you feel like it. And when it’s all over and done with, these clients go home with you.

It’s completely hands free. You go out, you close the deals, you drop them off, you go relax (or party). Then you get to go out and bring in more clients, without any delay. Doesn’t that sound lovely? For once, you are not limited by how many clients you can handle, but how many clients you can bring in. And if you have trouble bringing in clients, we can even help take care of that part for you!

Other Benefits

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