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Outsourcing Wizards is actually a result of desperation.

After understanding many of the problems most agencies were facing, we realized we badly needed a project management system that could help us manage our clients, workers, projects, invoices, contracts, payroll, staff, files, etc. In fact, we needed it to do automated stuff that no other project management system on the planet does. We couldn’t find it, not even Basecamp or Zoho could do what we needed.

What choice did we have left? We spent 3 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing it instead!

Thanks to our desperation of needing a system that does what we needed to do, it eventually occurred to us how many other “offliners” or marketing and design firms could benefit from this. We then started working on a white labeling system, where all of it could be completely hands off and of course re-branded to these partners. It has taken many years to mature, but we have succeeded.

Not only is our project management system superior to others, but we’ve also come up with tools that will help our members land more clients with ease. In fact, our tools help automate the process of generating leads and engaging them. That saves you significant amount of time, energy and money.

Our members can now land higher paying clients and be able to have those clients singing their praises. No longer will you have to handle the hiring, training or firing workers and managing projects yourself. CLICK HERE to learn more about us.

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