Beware of fraud from ex-employee

Beware of fraud from ex-employee

Dear resellers and clients,

We hate to have to do this in such a public way as we much rather deal with bad employees internally. The employee should have respected that and we wanted to respect their privacy. However, we are getting reports of a mass email to our clients and therefore we have to bring this to your attention. We do not want to involve anyone, but transparency is important to explain why you may be inadvertently included in the mass email.

This is a courtesy notice to inform you that you may or may not receive an email from a disgruntled ex-employee of ours by the name of Nevelli or “Nev” accusing us of being a scam. Please disregard his claims. He was recently fired after we discovered he was researching, installing and using software to manipulate his time log, while at work. We use Hubstaff to monitor everyone’s time and capture screenshots of what is happening, while they are at work. So, we have solid evidence and proof of his deceit on countless occasions.

He also admitted to committing this fraud. We still paid him before firing him, but this is the thanks we get. We apologize for the inconvenience and while you may not ever receive this email, we do want to assure you that we have a team here to handle all of your needs. Just reach out and you’ll get a response from someone on our team to address your issues.

Below is a video reviewing the conversation with Nevelli where he admitted to committing fraud and stealing from our company:

We’ve just located his Facebook page:

So correction, what he claimed to be his brother’s account is actually HIS account. So he was still doing personal things while logging time. Including the time spent looking up products to buy.

Below are some screenshots we’ve kept that shows him utilizing the software that repeats the cycle of going through each page while he is away. He has admitted his fraud and yet still wants to blame someone else for his wrong doing.

We also realized that he was logging time working on his own website:

He is using a theme we purchased without permission and also logged numerous hours working on this project without our authorization. He has committed fraud over and over again and is accusing us of being a scam.

We apologize for the distraction and any inconvenience this may have caused. Please rest assured that ALL demo and live website logins have been reset. No security vulnerabilities have been left unchecked.

Please have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas!

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