Concierge Services For Profit Builder

Sean Donahoe and his team have been working so hard on releasing Profit Builder 2.0, a WordPress based platform for developing pages easily. It’s like the kick-ass, compact version of Click Funnels, but you don’t have to pay any monthly fees. They just launched the new version yesterday and customers are buying by the thousands. Last we checked, they have more than 16,000 customers! (more…)

HR Can Be Such A Soul Crusher

Unless you have had the great pleasure of accepting dozens and even hundreds of potential employee applications, sorting through all the inquiries, résumés and conducting the interviews yourself, you have no idea how much of your soul is crushed working in HR. We not only vet the potential employees that work here, we do the initial interview, even do a final interview with a pep talk, ensure they agree to all the terms and then we offer them their rates. (more…)

Beware of fraud from ex-employee

Dear resellers and clients,

We hate to have to do this in such a public way as we much rather deal with bad employees internally. The employee should have respected that and we wanted to respect their privacy. However, we are getting reports of a mass email to our clients and therefore we have to bring this to your attention. We do not want to involve anyone, but transparency is important to explain why you may be inadvertently included in the mass email.

This is a courtesy notice to inform you that you may or may not receive an email from a disgruntled ex-employee of ours by the name of Nevelli or “Nev” accusing us of being a scam. Please disregard his claims. He was recently fired after we discovered he was researching, installing and using software to manipulate his time log, while at work. We use Hubstaff to monitor everyone’s time and capture screenshots of what is happening, while they are at work. So, we have solid evidence and proof of his deceit on countless occasions. (more…)

Christmas Break Coming Up

Politically correct or not, Christmas is coming! Our staff is from all over the world with different religions and beliefs, but our CEO is Buddhist and if he’s okay with it, we are too. We are letting everyone know that and its staff will be off from December 22nd at 4PM until December 26th at 8PM CST. Thank you for your business and have a wonderful holiday season.

How Good Are Your SEO Services?

Well, that’s a great question! What if we told you that all of your SEO campaigns would be handled by one of THE leading authorities in SEO? What if you knew behind the scenes is a guru who’s generated millions in sales through SEO and have trained THOUSANDS of other SEO rockstars? It’s possible you’ve even heard of him or bought from him. Let me introduce you to… (more…)

How To Knock Out Your Competition

Whether you can’t afford it financially or you’re just too busy with your current niche market, but if you want to expand your business so you can take on more clients without the headache of hiring an entire new crew to handle client management, project management, delivery of services, customer support and so on, then it’s time to partner with Outsourcing Wizards. Here’s how you’ll take out the competition! (more…)