Some individuals may dread the idea of signing contracts and abiding by them, but it really is for the protection of everyone involved. Think about it. It keeps the service provider in check and ensures they fulfill their promises. It also keeps the client responsible for payments promised and provide content when required to keep the project moving. However, without a signed contract, it’s rather easy for things to fall through the cracks and someone in either party to easily stray from the original project. Those at fault normally expect no consequences.

We actually like using them here so we try to get it printed and signed whenever we can. However, not every client is quick to sign when documents are sent over via email or snail mail. We used to get by with just the current agreement which indicates that as soon as the client makes the payment, they are agreeing to the terms. The problem with that is it doesn’t have as much an effect as having clients actually signing it.

So we’ve decided to start implementing a digital signing program directly into our project management system. This will save all of our agencies and their clients a lot of headache. The best part is that it will come at no extra cost to anyone. No need to sign up with DocuSign or some other 3rd party digital signing program. That will save you a few hundred dollars a year, but most importantly, it will protect everyone involved.

Currently, our system automatically creates an agreement for every project created, which can also be edited by any of our agencies, but no way of signing the agreements. We have now put this on our priority list and will make sure this will be included in our next major update. We’re actually spending thousands of dollars every month just upgrading and improving our project management system.

We’re actually just about to be done with our new adaptive payment system where any projects paid for by your client would then automatically deduct the cost out of your account and over to ours. The benefit of this is that you no longer have to be around when new projects are paid for by your client. There’s zero delay because since it happens instantaneously and simultaneously, the project is activated and can be started right away. This means you could TRULY be on vacation or anywhere else and ALL of your project management, client communication and project payments are completely hands-off for you.

Yeah, pretty amazing stuff. Go ahead and talk to someone on live chat and ask them about the special offer going on.

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