Outsourcing FAQ

What are your hours of operation?

For customer support, we are available from 8 AM – 1 AM (Texas Central), 17 hours a day, Monday–Friday. Billing is from 8 AM – 4 PM CST, Monday–Friday. With an active project, we are sometimes available 24/7 as the projects can also be responded by our workers in other time zones or off time.

What happens after a project is complete?

After a marketing project is complete, we simply mark it as complete and move on. After a web design or web development project has been completed, the project status will be kept as “OPEN” for 30 days. During that time, you or the client can report bugs to us, so we can go in and fix them. Any new requests, we will have to bill separately and in addition to the original quote.

How do I add clients or people?

You’ll be able to add clients directly into the project management portal. You’ll learn how to do that and even a video walkthrough to see what it looks like for clients.

What if I have a custom project I want to do? Do you guys do that?

Yes. If you have a custom development or marketing project, you’re welcome to discuss the details and we’ll provide you with a quote. You could then charge your clients whatever rate you need to and make a nice profit. You’ll be able to hold PRIVATE conversations within a project page, so that your clients or workers don’t even see.

What services do you offer?

You can get a general idea by seeing what services are offered here.

Can I see a portfolio?

In case you are looking for our portfolio… WE DON’T HAVE ONE! Why would we purposely hinder our agencies by showing everyone who their client is? I’m sure their clients wouldn’t appreciate it. Once you become a reseller, would you want anyone to know who actually created your client’s website? Okay, well, that’s why we don’t have a portfolio to show you what we can do.

Just know that whatever your clients desire, we can make it happen. If they want snow flakes dancing across their home page and falling leaves on their checkout page, sadly we can do that. If they want a beautiful slider at the top and a small slider somewhere in the middle, no problem. All of our websites are built using the latest CMS like WordPress or Joomla. But hey, if they want it pure HTML or PHP hardcoding, no problem!

You can see a list of all the web design, development and marketing services we offer here.

How much do your services cost?

The pricing for every single service is revealed inside the management center’s training area. You’ll have a PDF file that lists every service, how long each service takes to complete, how often, how much the suggested retail price is, your cost and your profit margin.

Can I modify the packages and services?

Please understand that you can’t add your own packages/services or rename what we already have. What you CAN do is modify the retail prices you’ll charge your clients (whether increase or decrease). You can also activate/deactivate entire packages, specific services or indicate that YOU and your team will do it for 100% profit.

Are you accepting payments from my clients?

No, we NEVER accept payments from your clients. Clients will ALWAYS be submitting payments directly to you via PayPal (set within your profile) or through other means. A project is activated automatically once you pay us. It will not matter if the client paid you 40 days ago. If you don’t make a payment to us, the project doesn’t get started.

If you receive payments via check, wire transfer or other means, you’ll be able to update the project with what was paid, so that a record is created in the system.

What currency can I charge?

Honestly, just about any currency. As mentioned above, we ONLY accept payments from you. You can be from any country and we’ll accept it as it’ll just convert over into USD. However, when your clients pay YOU, it’ll be in YOUR currency. It goes directly to your PayPal account. If you’re unable to receive payments via PayPal, accept your payment however method you need, but just send it to us so we can manually update the transaction.

Who communicates with my clients?

It depends on the situation and what is asked by you or your clients, but we have Corporate Managers (Top-tier manager), Quality Assurance Managers, Project Managers and workers from within that specific project and sometimes customer or technical support members, when required.

Will my clients know who you are?

We highly doubt it, we use a VERY generic domain name for the project management site. We even use a generic customer support service name, which you can just claim as your own. The company branding is still yours, it’s just your support department is called something else, so that you can assign clients in your “other” business endeavors — whatever that may be.

In my country, I have to charge taxes. How do I handle that?

Within the ACP, every package you select, there is a green, circular button with a + in it. Click on that and you can add custom services of any kind. Just remember to put the value as “0.00” though so that you don’t have to pay us anything. Just keep in mind that your profit margin will be completely off. As long as you know you’re making a good profit. Our system will still think it is in USD.

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