Well, that’s a great question! What if we told you that all of your SEO campaigns would be handled by one of THE leading authorities in SEO? What if you knew behind the scenes is a guru who’s generated millions in sales through SEO and have trained THOUSANDS of other SEO rockstars? It’s possible you’ve even heard of him or bought from him. Let me introduce you to…

John Limbocker Founder and CEO Internet DominatorsJohn Limbocker, is the Mastermind behind Internet Dominators, a division of a company he founded in 1985 called Limbo Vision, Inc.

Limbo Vision was created to serve the advertising photography needs of businesses and advertising agencies.

The thing that drew these businesses and advertising agencies to Limbo Vision was John’s knack for being able to bring their dreams to life on film using advanced lighting techniques and special effects photography.

John sat in on hundreds of board meetings of major corporations and ad agencies, listening to their creative art directors dream up spectacular ad campaigns. They would agree on a particular concept and then turn to John and ask, “Can this be done?”

client-logossmJohn would simply smile and reply, “Your wish is my command”. He would then go to work figuring out how it was going to happen and produce exactly what was asked of him.

1995 brought major change  with the introduction of Photshop and the writing was on the wall. High end advertising photography and special effects on film was rapidly coming to an end.

Lucky for Limbo Vision, John saw the road ahead and recognized the opportunity that was rapidly approaching. The World Wide Web (www for short) was on the horizon. Limbo Vision swiftly altered course to stay ahead of the times and started offering Web Design, E-Commerce Construction and on line marketing as a part of its services.

From the start we recognized the need to supply quality traffic to our clients. Without it they would surely fail and most who refused our advise back then, did fail.
Those who followed our recommendations prospered.
Limbo Vision started up a new Division called Internet Dominators to take full advantage of the success of Internet Marketing.

In the mid to late nineties John Limbocker cracked many of the Search Engine codes of the time and was able to get top listings for our clients. John made many guest speaking appearances as well as a few paid seminars, demystifying how the Search Engines really worked and how to beat them.

In the following years we have accounted for over 100 Million Dollars in on line sales for our clients.

Today Internet Dominators devotes over 90% of its efforts to search engine strategies to keep its clients ahead of the ever changing Search Engine Game.

John is now offering private consulting to savvy business owners that want to leverage the Internet to expand.

So to sum it up, our SEO service are spectacular! It will be led by John Limbocker and his amazing team.

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