HR Can Be Such A Soul Crusher

HR Can Be Such A Soul Crusher

Unless you have had the great pleasure of accepting dozens and even hundreds of potential employee applications, sorting through all the inquiries, résumés and conducting the interviews yourself, you have no idea how much of your soul is crushed working in HR. We not only vet the potential employees that work here, we do the initial interview, even do a final interview with a pep talk, ensure they agree to all the terms and then we offer them their rates.

Once they accept the rates, their shift manager will create their accounts, welcome them, add them into the corresponding Skype groups, give access to their HubStaff and proceed with their training. Never in our wildest dreams do we expect to get so many applicants and after expending so many hours and resources finding them, vetting and setting up accounts do we expect to fire them just days into their training.

Every month, after reviewing 100+ applicants, we hire maybe 30-40 people, sometimes more and we end up keeping maybe 4-5 of them. That’s how much vetting we do from beginning to end.

We have fired people for trying to cheat the system by installing software that automates and extends their presence. We have fired people for falling asleep on the job after multiple warnings. We have fired people for even watching TV shows while working. Yeah, someone watched 3 episodes of Teen Wolf while “training”. I don’t know how he does it. We’ve even fired people for simply not performing very well.

It’s sad, but you may be facing these very issues yourself and not even know it! Had it not been for our teams diligent action of constantly monitoring and reviewing the quality of work by our managers, we would not have caught these things. The images below are screenshots of one of our new employees not only tracking time and supposedly going through training, but she was already working another job simultaneously!

Take a look:

Our question to you is, how many freelancers have you hired that are doing ALL of these things to you right now?

How much time have you wasted interviewing, vetting, hiring, training only to fire them for failure to perform, failure to show up for work, failure to do what you need them to do and so on. Our guess is – far too many! It’s a waste of your time, energy and money. Stop it. Why do you need to take it upon yourself and do all of these things when we already have the manpower and resources to do it all for you?

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