Interested Reseller: You guys are too expensive. I don’t want to pay $1,295/m for a membership account. I can get a free reseller account somewhere else.

Outsourcing Wizards: Do they manage your clients for you, follow up about new project payments or info, respond to all inquiries regarding the project and upsell these clients to additional services for 0% commission? And do they manage up to 100 projects?

Interested Reseller: No. They charge $2,400-$4,000/m per individual project manager that handles 20-30 projects max. They don’t do any follow-up, selling or upselling.

Outsourcing Wizards: So if that project manager is sick, quits or is fired, you’re on your own for the duration of their absence. Every single one of our projects come with 12 staff members – 6 on day shift and 6 on night shift, 17 hours a day, 5 days a week. Our system automatically assigns them based on their position, shift and alternates them based on whether they already had other project assigned.

Interested Reseller: Oh… I didn’t know that.

Outsourcing Wizards: Do they also provide you with a project management system that creates your proposal/contract automatically, assigns staff automatically, generates the questionnaires automatically based on the services ordered, creates the necessary tasks automatically for the services ordered or automatically calculate sales rep commissions if you have sales reps?

Interested Reseller: No. Is that what your platform does?

Outsourcing Wizards: Yep. Plus, if you were to hire a VA of your own and handled the interviews, training, monitoring, management and paid them just $5/hr for 17 hours a day, 5 days a week, you will have paid $1700/m. That doesn’t even include your time invested in hiring or training them. Heck, let’s say they are there for only 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. That’s still $800/m. That’s much more affordable, right?

Interested Reseller: Absolutely! I could handle 1 VA!

Outsourcing Wizards: So what happens when they are sick, quit or fired? You start over or at least on your own during the duration of their absence? You’re back to square 1 again. You will likely go through 15-20 VAs before you find the right one. How much time do you have to waste monitoring and training them to make sure they even know what they are doing? We have caught people watching TV shows or working other jobs while logging time with us – would you have been able to catch that on your own? What if your VA doesn’t know how to do or at least explain what SEO, PPC, Facebook advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, making changes on website, etc? Do they wait on you?

Interested Reseller: No, I probably wouldn’t catch that. Well, yeah. I don’t have enough people that would know the answer to all that. Honestly, I’m not even sure I can answer all that.

Outsourcing Wizards: We don’t have anyone that knows everything, but as a collective, we are able to share information with one another and SOMEONE is bound to get the right answer for your client without you even being there. This is one of many, many reasons why we charge a membership fee. We are doing more than just rendering the services, but also managing the projects, taking care of the clients and continuously hiring, training, monitoring and managing staff so YOU don’t have to.

Interested Reseller: I understand now. So the membership fee is really more like paying for your client day care center where everything is handled for me without me even being around to communicate with the client once I pass the project over. I just add the client into my project management network, client pays me, I pay you, you handle the rest and the client is still forever mine. I don’t even have to follow up or communicate with them or upsell them. You do all of that for me and whatever you upsell, I still keep without being charged any commissions.

Outsourcing Wizards: Exactly.

Interested Reseller: Holy shit! I’m in!

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