So many things have happened to us since the summer started. From devastating natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey to technical nightmares like 70+ websites hacked on one of our servers. We’ve had to recover from the down time and also clean out websites for 2 months and transferred to multiple servers as we cleaned out the malware and get some of our IPs removed from blacklisted sites.

Now that we’re back in gear, we’re focused on our case study: How to start a marketing/consulting agency with little to zero experience and generating a 10x ROI in less time than any stock investment.

How do we do that?

First, we added more value into our memberships. We’re giving all our new resellers an agency website to get started. We’ll even design the logo and configure the website to their needs. We then provide them with options on how to land more clients.

There’s 3 different approaches in fact. 1 is via email marketing. Another is via Facebook advertising. And our third option? Well, let’s just say it’s not like anything else anyone has ever done. We believe this one strategy alone could result in more clients and more revenue than ANY other method imaginable.

To prove our “theory”, we are putting it to the test. We are taking on case studies now to prove it and show how anyone with an investment of just $2,000 can turn it into $20,000/m or better. We already have some resellers signed up to participate in the case study; so, stay tuned as we unfold the first 30 days.


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