We’ve spent the past month changing out dozens of packages and services in our platform to prepare for a great summer. We removed services that aren’t often ordered, we removed services that simply weren’t profitable and we removed services that simply no longer apply. We then implemented new services that are more lucrative, more manageable and much more useful for clients locally and worldwide. During this whole process, we have uncovered some very important truths.

We realize that some of our resellers aren’t charging enough and some are trying to take on every little project possible. Even if you’re not one of our resellers now, you must understand this: Stop taking on ANY project less than $500. Anything less than that is not even worth your time as a consultant or agency. Leave those to the freelancers over at UpWork or Fiverr. If you want to run a real agency with high paying clients and a high monthly income, then you need to start demanding the big bucks.

Stop Wasting Your Time

Let’s break it down. You get a lead. You spend 30-45 minutes on the initial call. They’re interested. You get on another call. There goes another 30-45 minutes. They say, “let’s start with something small and if this goes well, I have a lot of work for you.” You say, “awesome, let’s do it” and then setup a $100 project. You take 30 minutes putting it all together and written up. You get on a call again for another 30 minutes to get it all squared away.

Great, project is setup, project is paid for and now our staff starts talking to the client. We’re reaching out, gathering info and providing the work. Client reaches out asking for changes. We do it. They ask for changes again. We do it. They talk to you and review what is done; you spend another 30-45 minutes handling it. You get the point here.

You might think this is a bit long winded just to explain this, but it really does happen with some resellers. That’s 2.5-3 hours gone. Even as a Reseller Partner profiting 50%, that’s $50 for your 2.5-3 hours of work. That’s $16.67/hr for your time. That doesn’t guarantee you’ll get more projects, nor is that very profitable for your time.

To be clear, we will not take on every project that comes our way. We do turn away projects we feel are not profitable for our resellers and for us. You have to understand every project has 12 staff members assigned. That includes 2 project managers, 2 QAs, 2 customer supports, 2 technical supports, 2 corporate managers and at least 2 technicians that do the design, marketing or development depending on the project. That is a LOT of support and managers in place to keep your project moving. It doesn’t make sense to take on small projects.

Prices Are Too High BS

We have resellers that come to us saying our suggested retail prices are too high and their clients aren’t able to pay it. First off, no, they’re not too high. Secondly, these resellers aren’t pitching it right or they have clients that don’t have the funds to begin with. It happens. When it does, you move on to a client that can.

Retail price for our “Advanced Website”, which is a professionally built WordPress website is only $1,995.00. There are resellers and other digital agencies out there that offer the EXACT SAME SERVICE, with a minimum price of $4,000. Our suggested retail price for a WordPress ecommerce site is $5,995.00. We asked other agencies about building the same thing and they say no less than $8,000.00!

So even if you think the price is too high, you have to keep in mind that a barber shop with just 4 chairs will have spent over $2,000. They also spend $1,500-$3,000/m on their lease. They would have spent at least $10,000 on the rest of their gear. This is before they even have a customer sitting down in their chair. So you telling me this business owner isn’t able to spend $2,000 on a website that would bring them customers???

You smell that? It’s called bullshit! The business owners can afford it.

They just need to be taught HOW and WHY they should be investing with you. It is your job to convince them that the money they spend with you makes them more money. They need to understand the money they spend on their equipment is just ongoing expenses that is a necessity just to stay open, but none of those things BRING THEM more business. A professional, user-friendly and eye-catching website have been proven to generate more business.

Take Control of the Situation

We recently came across a client that explained how he had to build his site with a GoDaddy website builder and then he paid GoDaddy to build their website for $1,000. It was utter crap and the client was extremely unhappy. The client even said they will not pay for a website higher than that. Our response: Listen, I understand where you’re coming from, but we’re professionals and we’re not going to sugarcoat anything. The price we give you, is the price the service is because that is what it deserves. I haven’t tried to sell you anything up to this point and I have given you nothing but solid advice on how to grow your business and increase sales, am I right? So with all of my knowledge, skills and experience should I undervalue myself? If your customer comes to you and tells you that your product/service is too high, will you just start cutting down prices? No. The price is what it is, because that is what the service or product demands. You certainly can’t go to a doctor and tell them they charge too much for saving your life or delivering your baby or fixing your broken leg. No. The price is what it is, because the quality service deserves it.

This client ended up spending $2,200 + $750 more. That’s how you take control. Now go out there and get yourself some high paying clients!


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