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Value for each outsourcing plan below includes Automated Contracts & Proposals ($149/m value), Sales Team Management ($129/m value), Bullet Proof Branding ($247/m value) and Automatic Sales Rep Commission System (PRICELESS). Total additional BONUS value is over $500/m.

The outsourcing plans below are ideal for professionals/consultants and companies that wish to expand their business overnight, without the huge overhead costs and time required to setup, interview, hire, train, fire and manage their own staff. These plans allow you to immediately tap into our resources and offer our web design, development, marketing and sales services as your own in a private project management system that is branded to your business, where you can still add your own partners, managers, workers and sales reps. You land the clients, you get paid. You create the project, we do all the work (even managing your clients).

Life gets easier for you from here on out.


Key Features

Management Portal

You will have access to the same project management portal that took us 3 years and $200,000 to develop. It  handles all of our managers, staff, projects, clients, invoices, files, payroll, contracts and more.

Private Branding

On top of having your own project management portal to handle everything, we also allow you to brand it to your own company name. You can even have the portal load from your very own URL.

Pay By The Project

Regardless of how many projects you submit in our system, you only pay when the client from that project pays you. So if you are submitting projects just to submit proposals, you aren’t charged anything.

Sales Management

Thanks to our outsourcing platform, you can use our sales team to bring in new clients for a 20% commission, but you can also hire and manage your own sales team with our automatic commission system.

All Things Web

No matter what kind of project you have, if it has anything to do with the web, we’ve got you covered. That includes website design/graphics, plugin development, API integrations, SEO, PPC, sales funnels, etc.

Quote Consultation

If you are starting a new digital agency and don’t know what to offer to your clients, we will provide free consultation on quoting the project and suggest what services are most suitable for your clients.

Many of our users sign up after realizing what a struggle it can be to deal with having their own staff, freelancers and even clients. All the screening, hiring, training, firing and starting over again a hundred times to find just 1 gem is over. All the time and communication required with your clients is no more.

Select An Outsourcing Management Plan Below

*All annual plans will automatically double the number of projects managed each month and waive the on-boarding fee.*

[porto_price_boxes count_md=”3″][porto_price_box skin=”dark” show_btn=”true” btn_pos=”bottom” btn_skin=”secondary” title=”MEMBER” desc=”25-30% Profit Margin” price=”$495″ btn_label=”JOIN NOW” btn_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Foutsourcingwizards.com%2Fdap%2FpaypalCoupon.php%3Fcmd%3D_xclick-subscriptions%26item_number%3D17%26currency_code%3DUSD|||”]
  • Monthly Subscription
  • $8,473 Monthly Value
  • $7,978 Monthly Savings
  • Managed Projects (Max 10)
  • Project Management System
  • $1,000+ Service/Software Resources
  • Live Calls To Clients
  • Live Support/Sales Chat
  • Bullet Proof Branding
  • Unlimited Workers Available
  • On-boarding: $1,000
[/porto_price_box][porto_price_box is_popular=”true” skin=”primary” show_btn=”true” btn_size=”lg” btn_pos=”bottom” btn_skin=”secondary” title=”PARTNER” desc=”40% Profit Margin” price=”$995″ btn_label=”JOIN NOW” popular_label=”Best Value” btn_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Foutsourcingwizards.com%2Fdap%2FpaypalCoupon.php%3Fcmd%3D_xclick-subscriptions%26item_number%3D20%26currency_code%3DUSD|||”]
  • Monthly Subscription
  • $17,365 Monthly Value
  • $16,370 Monthly Savings
  • Includes MEMBER Benefits
  • Managed Projects (Max 15)
  • $2,500+ Service/Software Resources
  • Live Support Chat For Clients
  • Live Sales Chat In Portal
  • Free Quote Consultation
  • Live Calls To Clients
  • On-boarding: $2,000
[/porto_price_box][porto_price_box skin=”dark” show_btn=”true” btn_pos=”bottom” btn_skin=”secondary” title=”PLATINUM” desc=”45-50% Profit Margin” price=”$1,895″ btn_label=”JOIN NOW” btn_link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Foutsourcingwizards.com%2Fdap%2FpaypalCoupon.php%3Fcmd%3D_xclick-subscriptions%26item_number%3D21%26currency_code%3DUSD|||”]
  • Monthly Subscription
  • $31,180 Monthly Value
  • $29,285 Monthly Savings
  • Includes PARTNER Benefits
  • Managed Projects (Max 30)
  • $4,000+ Service/Software Resources
  • Live Support Chat For Clients
  • Live Sales Chat In Portal
  • Free Quote Consultation
  • Live Calls To Clients
  • On-boarding: $4,000

Annual Plans Require A Sales Agent

This Is NOT A Reseller Program

If you are simply looking for a “reseller” program to have a third party service provider render the services on your behalf, you can get a free account somewhere else. Thing is, we aren’t here to provide you with JUST a reseller program. What we are offering you is a complete, hands-free, no-hassle, project management and client communication service.

This is what separates you from the rest of the pack. With our outsourcing plan, your only responsibility is to go out and get new clients. You will no longer have to follow-up, manage the project, do the work or even communicate with the client, because we do it all for you. With us, it is finally possible to be away for weeks and months at a time, without spending a single second worrying about whether your clients and projects are being taken care of or not.

When You Submit A Project

Here’s what you have to understand – EVERY time you go to create a new project, you’ll have packages of services that will tell you exactly how many days it would take to complete, what the recommended retail cost should be (what you should charge your clients), how much it will cost you, your profit, whether it’s a one-time or monthly subscription, and even the description of EVERY service we offer.

Not just that, but you can control the default pricing each time a project is created. You can modify the pricing ON THE SPOT, while presenting to a prospect. Once you submit the project, it automatically creates a proposal/contract for you (it’ll have all the client’s details, your details, overview of packages/services, the terms, etc). Your client could even login and download the PDF at any time.

It then, automatically assigns the required staff from our day shift and night shift. That’s 2 corporate managers, 2 QA, 2 project managers, 2 customer support, 2 technical support and finally the 2 workers specifically qualified to render the services ordered in the project. Yes, this is automatically done. It doesn’t stop there! The system will then automatically generate the questionnaire required by the client, based on the specific services ordered. It then, also automatically generates the required tasks, based on the specific services ordered.

Most importantly, the client could pay you from within the system via PayPal. Payments go directly to you, not to us. And if you receive checks or other means of payments, you can update the payment record. Impressed yet? No? Well, did I mention we offer live chat from WITHIN the project management system so that we can take care of them and you don’t have to? What I just described is our incredible outsourcing platform.

“Client Daycare Drop-Off” means you will add the client to our network, create the project and drop off the client. We will take care of all correspondence with the client in your behalf (unless directed otherwise). We will communicate with the client, do the actual design, development and marketing work. We even offer advice to the client when necessary. It is completely hands-off unless you choose to be a part of it. We will let you know when we need you. Agencies with Member account will have 10 managed projects, Partner account will have 15 managed projects while Platinum agencies will have 30.
“Optional Sales Help” refer to us being able to take your hot leads and calling them for you to setup an appointment and present for you. Upon closing the deal for you, our sales staff will add the client into your network, create the project on your behalf and get you paid. Member users can submit 8 hot leads per month with a 20% commission fee. Partner users can submit 12 hot leads with a 20% commission fee. Platinum users do not have to submit leads as we handle all lead generation, appointment setting and presentations for free. First 30 projects of any month are commission-free. After that, each project incurs a 10% commission fee.

Partners and Services We Use

A professionally designed website and hands-free system for client management, project management and service delivery does not guarantee high profits and success. Outsourcing Wizards will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred while working with clients. Outsourcing Wizards will not be responsible for generating leads and getting clients on the account holder's behalf unless otherwise stated in a separate service. Every outsourcing plan requires manual labor from customer support, technical support, ongoing workers for different projects you may have placed, project managers, quality assurance and other managers just to take care of you (and your clients) during the time you are with us from day 1. There are various ongoing costs every single day to take care of all your requests and inquiries. For this reason, there are no refunds for any account payments or projects paid.
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