Sellosity Concierge Services

Welcome, Sellosity store owners! Thank you for your interest in our concierge services. We offer many other things here, but please focus only on the concierge services for now.

Sean Donahoe and his team at have done an incredible job of giving you the ability to build your own stores, but we know it can be quite a daunting task to learn it all, do the research, actually do the work and manage it. We know, because our team at Outsourcing Wizards have all already gone through the exact same training and are ready to do all the work for you.

We had access to the Sellosity dashboard weeks before the launch even happened and already have a head start. We were also already experienced with keyword/niche research, brand building, site building, graphic designing, SEO, social media and PPC well before Sellosity was conceptualized. So whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

Sellosity Website Portfolio

Here’s A Fraction of Sites We’ve Built

Select A Concierge Package Below



Install Package

  • Install Sellosity
  • Configure Store
  • 1 Day To Complete



Basic Package

  • $50 Discount
  • Install Sellosity
  • Configure Store
  • Logo and Brand Creation
  • 1 Slider Graphic
  • ***1 Whatever Hours
  • 5-7 Days To Complete




Complete Package

  • $373 Discount
  • *Niche Research
  • **Domain Name Ideas
  • Install Sellosity
  • Configure Store
  • Logo and Brand Creation
  • Enhanced Customization
  • 3 Slider Graphics
  • 4 Sales Banners
  • 2 Focus Funnels
  • 2 Variants
  • Import & Configure 12 Products
  • ***4 Whatever Hours
  • 10-14 Days To Complete

*Niche Research – Our staff will do a thorough research of 3 niches you are interested in. If you have no interest or unsure of what direction to go, we will select from 3 niches we can research and provide you advice on which niche to target. We look at the popularity of the niche, the sales potential and also availability of products. If the selection is missing 1 of these 3 criteria, it will be a bad choice. For example, you may select a niche that has a lot of potential customers and a lot of sales in the market, but if the products are not available to drop-ship, you’re wasting your time.

**Domain Name Ideas – Based on the niche you select, we will then offer 3 domain name ideas to choose from. All of the domain names you see in a blue text above in our portfolio section are our domain name ideas suggested and registered by our clients. Let us help you find a memorable domain name.

***Whatever Hours – These are manually logged times to do whatever you want. If your package comes with 4 Whatever Hours, it means we can do everything from SEO to adding/importing products or creating more graphics. It’s whatever you want for those “Whatever Hours”. Any time logged beyond it will be at a rate of $20/hr, so please use it sparingly for whatever you want.

1 Sellosity Focus Funnels

1 Sellosity Focus Funnels includes the research required to select and setup 2 upsell products and 2 downsell products, the design/graphics, configuration and sales copy to ensure your customers are buying products to the max. This is an add-on service for any of the concierge packages above or a custom package. This can be added on before, during or after a project has started.

4 Sellosity Focus Funnels

This is an add-on service for any of the concierge packages above or a custom package. This can be added on before, during or after a project has started. This will allow us to design 4 Focus Funnels, which includes 1 landing page, 2 upsells, 2 downsells and 1 variant for each funnel. Save a total of $222.

After you order a package, you will be led to a form page to submit your store and website information. A link to the page will be sent via email just in case your connection is lost. We cannot start working without this submitted form. You can take your time to decide what you want to do, but you can submit it only once.

If you have not yet registered a domain, purchased hosting, it can be skipped with “N/A”, so we know you will need help picking something out. Since all of our packages above come with a “niche research” service, we will know to give you domain ideas.

Once the form is received, we will process your order by placing you into our project management portal, where you will be able to discuss the project with a technician. So any missing data can actually be provided at a later date.

If you run into any problems, be sure to contact our support via phone, live chat or contact form (it will open a help desk ticket).

Every concierge package requires time and effort from customer support, technical support, ongoing workers for different projects you may have placed, project managers, quality assurance and other managers just to take care of you during the time you are with us from day 1. There is a lot of ongoing costs every single day to take care of all your needs and requests. For this reason, there are no refunds for any concierge package ordered.

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Herman Booysen

Herman BooysenSellosity Store Owner -

If you happen to be interested in our Reseller outsourcing services or virtual assistant solutions, feel free to reach out. We have plenty of information on our website and we know it can be confusing, so we also welcome you to schedule a presentation on how everything works. We look forward to working with you in any regards.

A monthly marketing and maintenance program is not yet available for Sellosity stores, but we are working on putting together a comprehensive service to help you manage your stores (adding/removing products), customer support for buyers (email and phone), marketing in social media, PPC and/or SEO. Having a shop isn’t enough to bring in buyers. The real work begins after the shop is ready for customers. We will be sure to help bring the buyers to your shops.

By using any of these concierge services you understand that you are responsible for the work done on your behalf and In no event shall ADD Marketing Group, LLC be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, extraordinary, exemplary, punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including loss of data, revenue, profits, use or other economic advantage) however arising from the use of this concierge service.