Services Offered

This Is When It All Changes For You

From this moment on, you won’t have to do any interviewing. You don’t have to do any hiring. You don’t have to do any training. You don’t even have to do the firing. We’ll take care of all that for you, so that the only people remaining are all-star workers.

You’ll have a team you can count on and a team that YOU will get personal access to. Your clients will be taken care of, while you enjoy more free time. You’ll be able to take on more clients, do less work and make more money.

Packages and Services We Offer

Here’s what you have to understand – EVERY time you go to create a new project, you’ll have packages of services that will tell you exactly how many days it would take to complete, what the recommended retail cost should be (what you should charge your clients), how much it will cost you, whether it’s a one-time or monthly subscription, and even gives you the description of EVERY service we offer.

Not just that, but you can control the default pricing each time a project is created. You can modify the pricing ON THE SPOT while presenting to a prospect. Once you submit the project, it automatically creates a proposal/contract for you (it’ll have all the client’s details, your details, overview of packages/services, the terms, etc). Your client could even login and download the PDF at any time.

Even better… the client could pay you from within the system via PayPal. Payments go directly to you, not to us. And if you receive checks or other means of payments, you can update the payment record. Easy!

slant-arrow_blackWebsite Design

Clients can have websites built based on specific themes from our gallery or we can build a fully customized website that fits their needs and liking.


Full Ecommerce

When your client is ready to take it to the next level and offer ecommerce, we have the guys ready to handle the heavy lifting for you.


Local Marketing

The whole local marketing thing is exactly what we do here. We handle the setup, the directory submissions, the marketing, etc. We have you and your clients covered.



We can’t tell you who it is, but let’s just say the guys handling your SEO are literally some of THE BEST in the industry and are years ahead of the competition.



Mobile Marketing is not a new fad that will eventually go away. This is a service that will be needed for many years to come. Let us help you help your clients.


Online Ordering

Working with some restaurants? On top of offering them a new website and marketing, offer them the ability to accept orders online with our exclusive online ordering platform.


Webmaster Services

Our webmaster services include: Appointment Booking Plugin, Keyword Research, Analysis & Optimization, Content Transfer & Editing, Analytics/Webmaster Tools Setup, Video Walkthroughs, Website Maintenance and Monitoring and Hosting

slant-arrow_blackBlog Integration

We can either custom design their website and turn it into a WordPress/Joomla site or we can turn their existing HTML website into one. Either way is just as easy.


Mobile Website

Every website we build is already mobile compatible, but if your clients need a separate mobile site built, we can still do just that.


Social Media

You kidding? We have some of the best social media marketing pros in the business. We handle campaign setups, social media account setups, and even managing and marketing them.



Whether it’s Reputation Management or Marketing, we handle both. We have the tools, programs, experience, expertise and the people to make things right.


Video Creation

We can create videos with on-screen actors, text/graphic animation, plain-Jane (aka ugly-duckling) videos with just text or even white board animations.


Custom Services

If none of our packages or services cover what you need, just let us know. We probably already do what you’re asking, it’s just not enough to become a package. You can also look into our VA Solutions.


PPC – Search Engines and Facebook

We’ve brought in a group of highly trained and experienced PPC experts to handle your projects. Whether it’s PPC for search engines or Facebook, these guys will do more than just deliver the goods – they deliver the results!

We Are Beyond Normal

As you can see, our platform is capable of offering a lot more services than any other outsourcing company. That is thanks to our private, $300,000 project management portal. We’ve built a portal that automates a lot of the grunt work for you, us and your clients. This allows us to provide as much savings as possible to you and in turn making you maximum profits. Are you ready to explode your financial gains?

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