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Honest, Trained and Friendly Virtual Assistants For Busy Professionals and Companies

Only pay for what you really need! Introducing an all new virtual assistant solution that offers you the ability to have ANY kind of work done for your business. Unlike other companies, we don’t charge you a flat rate each month and expect you to pay the same rate across the board for each hour logged by our professionals. It’s like expecting you to pay the same rate between an app developer and a content manager. They are in completely different departments and each should be paid according to their abilities. That is how we do things here.

You're the BOSS.

Select A VA SOLUTION Below

[porto_price_boxes][porto_price_box show_btn=”true” skin=”quaternary” btn_size=”lg” btn_skin=”primary” title=”VA STARTER” price=”$200″ btn_label=”SIGN UP” btn_link=””]

Great for conservative entrepreneurs just starting out and planting seeds.

  • $200 Credit
  • *5 Extra Days
  • **Limit 3 Workers
  • ***Unlimited Job Titles
  • ****Verified Hours

[/porto_price_box][porto_price_box show_btn=”true” skin=”quaternary” btn_size=”lg” btn_skin=”primary” title=”VA BASIC” price=”$600″ btn_label=”SIGN UP” btn_link=””]

Ideal for growing professionals that need more assistance.

  • $600 Credit
  • $60 Deposit Bonus
  • *7 Extra Days
  • **Limit 5 Workers
  • ***Unlimited Job Titles
  • ****Verified Hours

[/porto_price_box][porto_price_box show_btn=”true” porto_price_box is_popular=”true” skin=”primary” btn_size=”lg” btn_skin=”primary” title=”VA PRO” price=”$1,200″ btn_label=”SIGN UP” btn_link=””]

Made specifically for companies also needing a dedicated assistant.

  • $1,200 Credit
  • $180 Deposit Bonus
  • Dedicated Assistant
  • *10 Extra Days
  • **Limit 7 Workers
  • ***Unlimited Job Titles
  • ****Verified Hours

[/porto_price_box][porto_price_box show_btn=”true” skin=”quaternary” btn_size=”lg” btn_skin=”primary” title=”VA PLATINUM” price=”$2,400″ btn_label=”SIGN UP” btn_link=””]

This is for companies that need help with a bit of everything ALL the time.

  • $2,400 Credit
  • $480 Deposit Bonus
  • 2 Dedicated VAs
  • *15 Extra Days
  • **Limit 10 Workers
  • ***Unlimited Job Titles
  • ****Verified Hours


Have you ever experienced this:

  • Interviewing dozens of people who apply for the job, but don’t actually have the experience they say they have on their resume.
  • Trying to find a replacement to design, code or write something, but not being able to properly assess their skill because you have no idea how to do the job yourself.
  • You made yourself believe that you have to know everything yourself before hiring others to do it, so you spend more time doing and learning than actually making money.
  • Wasting time and money training a new hire just to have them jump ship in the middle of a project.
  • A “good” worker starts to come up short over and over again and you just don’t have the heart to let them go (we personally hate this one the most).

It’s about time you use what works. Let us save you the time and money with one of the virtual assistant plans. You’ll be able to just ask us to do whatever web related work and we’ll provide you with the most qualified personnel to do it. That means you are never stuck with just one VA. Smart.

Tasks & Rates Available

LITERATURE Blogging, Article Writing, Content Management $16/hr
DESIGN Web, Graphic & Logo $20/hr
DEVELOPMENT Theme, Editing, Database $25/hr
VIDEO Whiteboard, Storyboard, Editing & Animation $30/hr

At first glance, our rates may appear to be “expensive” to some, but this is actually pretty affordable and comparable to any freelance community out there. The difference between us and such communities is that when you hire a freelancer there, that freelancer is all you get. With us, when a VA is assigned to work on your project, it also comes with a team that is there to help you and that VA in case of any problems, delays or absence. We can replace any unqualified, poor-performing or absent VA. With a freelance community, you’re off doing all of that yourself.

In addition, with our larger plans such as the Basic, Pro and Platinum, they come with extra bonus money. That means the hourly rates are always lower than actually stated. VA Pro, for example, is $1,200 of credit each month. Say you had a VA for $20/hr. That should give you a max of 60 hours of work, but because you get the extra $180, you get an extra 9 hours of work. That means you are actually paying $17.39/hr, not $20/hr. The platinum package would turn the $20/hr into $16.67/hr.


After your first payment, you will have 5-15 extra days to relay all messages, instructions and training for our VA. This will ensure your VAs know what to do before the next billing cycle even starts. This extra time is important for both you and our VAs so everything is carried out without any problems.


You can still assign as many workers as necessary each month, but please note that the worker limitation only refers to how many workers can be assigned tasks at one time. That means a VA STARTER plan can only have 3 workers working at a time while VA PLATINUM can assign up to 10 different workers. With every plan, you’ll have a dedicated support team ready to help you plan for your next project or set of tasks. And if you have the VA PRO or VA PLATINUM, you’ll have your very own dedicated administrative assistant(s).


You can hire ANYONE in our network of over 200+ personnel to get the job done the way you want. That also means you are not stuck with one person that is expected to know how to do everything. It may be possible in very rare cases, but it is not the most efficient way to get things done. Why hire 1 person to do 20 jobs, when you have 200+ people ready to tackle what is needed?

There are no refunds for any VA plans

Funds from all plans can only be depleted and not refunded. Please be aware that it takes a lot of time and manpower to discuss projects and assign tasks to our workers. These are free consultations and we are paid only for the hours logged by workers. Consultations can go on for days without any assignment, which puts us at a loss.

Quick Q&A

Is there a setup fee?

No setup fee involved. Select the plan that works for you and get unlimited live support with our staff to discuss what services you need. Once you figure that out, you can have any work done simultaneously with 3, 5, 7 or 10 workers at a time. They all log time with a rate specific to the task required.

Can I cancel any time?

Of course. Cancel any time and use whatever credits already deposited into your account.

How are my hours tracked?

We have our own project management system and each worker assigned to your project will track exactly what they are doing, for how long and on what day. You’ll see everything.

What if I use ALL of my credits?

If you are a reseller and receiving discounts on the hourly rate, each additional hour above your plan will be charged without the discount. If you currently are not a reseller, the rate will increase by 20% for each additional hour logged. As an alternative solution, you can upgrade to the next subscription level at any time to not lose discounts on the hours or pay extra per hour.

What is a dedicated assistant?

A dedicated assistant is someone who is assigned ONLY to you and is trusted to take care of all your needs. That may include making calls, taking calls, responding in emails, setting up projects, adding clients, calling for dinner reservations and so on. They will be scheduled to work during your hours of need at a maximum of 40 hours per week.

Can I change dedicated assistants?

Of course! Just contact our support and let us know. We’ll assign a different dedicated assistant. We can even change out the workers, the Project Managers and QAs. However, we would like to know your reason, so we can rectify their mistakes. Please help us with that, so we may keep you and other clients satisfied.

What happens to unused credit?

To ensure you are using your plan, your credits will reset after every 30 days. In most cases, credits are all used up each month by our clients and resellers that use our VA plans. Just make sure you give the team plenty of work to do. We will just send an invoice for any overages or it can be held off until the next payment comes through.

Are the credits refundable?

There are no refunds for any VA plans. Funds from all plans can only be depleted and not refunded. Please be aware that it takes a lot of time and manpower to discuss projects and assign tasks to our workers. These are free consultations and we are paid only for the hours logged by workers. Consultations can go on for days without any assignment, which puts us at a loss.

Do you have a bigger plan than VA PLATINUM?

No, not for the general public. If you’re interested in a larger package, we can customize one for you. Any custom package larger than the VA PLATINUM will have the 20% surcharge of any overage in hours waived. That means with this custom package, even if you need more than the set amount of time, you’ll still continue paying the same rate for each corresponding worker instead of 20% more.

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