As you can tell from our blog entries and our Facebook posts, we’ve gone very quiet and not talking too much of what’s been unfolding behind the scenes. We have not done any promotions or marketing in about 8 months now. It’s not because we’re not ready to grow or can’t take on more, but because we wanted to impress everyone with what we have been working on behind the scenes. It’s almost time and we’re going to give you a sneak peek of what’s been happening in our lair!

Not that many people know that we’ve built our own project management system. Most agencies or even outsourcing platforms often buy a program that’s already out there and customize it to their liking or use them as is. Not us. We built everything from scratch and rebuilt and rebuilt and rebuilt multiple times until we’ve gotten it to where we are now. We now have a platform that is capable of generating billions of dollars in revenue.

First, we completely overhauled the design and layout of our project management system:

Then, we refocused our attention to how everything functioned for our staff. We made it easier for our support team and managers to manage projects and even create projects on behalf of other agencies by introducing a “benefactor” feature. It allows our team to select an agency’s name, which then displays all of their clients and we can select the correct client to create the project for. We made sure that our staff could start a time log from within each project and stop their timer any time they need.

In fact, agencies can now set hourly billing rates for content management, design creatives, custom coding and even troubleshooting. That means our staff can now easily track time while knowing exactly how much to charge clients on your behalf. And if you thought that was cool, now even clients can add their own managers, partners and workers to help communicate with our staff. We’re really taking things to the next level so that we continue to be a hands-off project management, client management and white labeled service rendering solution for you.

We’ve also overhauled the member’s area with more clarity for training, upgrades, scheduling appointments and affiliate commission opportunities.

If you read through that screenshot, you’ll realize that we also partnered with so that all new agencies that sign up will get a FREE Pro account.

We were offering digital agency website creation service before, but we’ve really taken it to the next level with our latest editions.

Not only are the agency sites fully customized, but they now come with a hosting account, 2 hours of maintenance each month, a pre-written and often updated service breakdown of all services we offer behind the scenes and even a portfolio the agency can claim as their own. Click on the image below to take a look at our digital agency website offer:

Is that all? Of course not. This blog post is just getting too damn long.

Wait for the next update for us to mention what else is new ;). The next few updates might even be about a new design studio platform we are developing in-house and how all our agency partners will be able to benefit from it. Here’s a preview:

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