It’s been over a year since we introduced the “Whatever Hours” concept to our client and it’s by far one of the more successful services we’ve offered. Since it’s inception, we have billed 9,000% more hours and actually become 150% more PROFITABLE. Many of our packages and services come with a set number of Whatever Hours, which we abbreviate as WH. For example, if it was a basic website service, it comes with 2 WH. These WH allows our staff to do WHATEVER the client wants.

Whether it’s content writing, designing, developing or troubleshooting, we’ll do it for as long as the techs are allowed to by the client. After the WH are used up and if the client wishes to request additional work, the client must pay at an hourly rate controlled by the agency. There are agencies being able to bill thousands of dollars each month without doing any of the work themselves, which is pretty amazing, because it’s like creating a whole new stream of income for them. We see agencies charge anywhere from $20/hr to $40/hr for content work. Others may charge $25/hr to $50/hr for design. They get to bill whatever rate they want after all.

Clients are happy, agencies are profitable, all is well.

The introduction of our WH has really allowed us to keep projects on task and become profitable for every hour logged, because the client is willing and UNDERSTANDING of paying for it. There’s no guess work of how much to pay for the extended work, it’s just work, log, paid, period. The WH helps accommodate for extra changes or extra requests a client might ask, which is quite often in 99% of any project we’ve worked on.

You probably know what we’re talking about. You’re expecting to build a website based on what is describe, but half way through or at the end, the client asks you to add this and that and this and that and this and that. It literally always happen and so you do it just to finish the project. In the end, you find out you hardly made a profit. If you’re struggling with something like that, you need to adopt a concept similar to ours.

Keep the clients on task with what the scope of the project by listing everything the project includes. Once it veers away from what is described, offer them a little wiggle room with a time limitation, but once they pass it, demand payment for the extra requests. You deserve it, so take control of it. Try it and see how it can help improve your business flow and finances.

And if you’re one of our agencies, well, there’s no fuss. We handle everything for you. Learn more about our special offer for white labeled, Agency Partners.

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